Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vegetable Chronicles

In April I decided that we needed to have a vegetable garden.  A bit late in the planting season, I know, but we decided to go for it anyway.  Mind you, neither of us has ever tried anything other than a tomato plant in a pot or a little basil on the windowsill.  Well, the bounty is finally coming in.

So, this is what we started with.  Seeds.

And here is where the garden will go.

It wasn't long before our seedlings where in the ground and sprouting forth.

I did buy one tomato plant and one zuchini plant and the rosemary and lavendar down in front.  I just had to see something green out there!

Fast forward about 4 more weeks, our garden is looking pretty good!  And we finally harvested something that we can eat....

!!!   This little guy was about 3 inches long and quite tasty!  Our project has been a lot of fun.  Steven has let me handle it for the most part, and I think I may have a green thumb after all.  Here's to a bountiful fall!

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