Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Days

Dog days of summer, yes.  Over 100 degrees 11 days in a row...and counting.  This has been the summer of a new air conditioner, a new lawn mower, new air conditioner repair and new lawn mower repair.  But we are still smiling!!  God provided a way to get it all done.

But it's also really dog days...We picked up this precious little girl on the way to church Sunday.  This picture is after the bath.  She is sweet!  And needs lots of TLC and fun.  But we are not making a life change for a four-legged creature.  If we don't hear from her family (signs are up all over the neighborhood) we have a happy home waiting for her with two little boys.  We have really enjoyed our dog days.  I am sure that Milo will miss Jenny (we call her Jenny on the Block).

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