Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think it is about time to breath new life into this blog.  Not that anyone is reading it!  But I was inspired by a book I have just read, It's No Secret, by Rachel Olsen, to remember all of God's blessings.  So, I think this is the best way for my and my family to do just that.

Much has passed in the last several months, but the biggest news is that a son is coming to the Kline household in a few short weeks.  Our lives have already changed and begun to buzz around little Jonathan Adam even before he has made his appearance.  He is a healthy boy, and we are soooo greatful that God has given us the chance to be parents once again. 

I was recently blessed by the testimony of Jan.  She has multiple sclerosis and has had a stroke and is limited to a wheelchair.  She has one of the strongest testimonies of God's faithfulness that I have ever heard.  She is also an incredible prayer warrior.  She reminds me that life is about who I am in Christ, nothing more, nothing less.  My prayer is that I would be not only the woman of faith that she is, but would unashamedly proclaim the power and faithfulness of Christ to those around me.

To catch up on the Vegetable Chronicles, let's just say that I started the year with good intentions!  My priorites have shifted this year, not to mention this is one of the hottest summers since 1980.  We did get a good harvest of 1015 onions out of it, and  Milo has thoroughly enjoyed a patch of catnip.