Monday, October 24, 2011

Who was I kidding?

Really, it's not what I expected at all.  I thought this stay-at-home mom thing would be a breeze.  I thought I would be Martha Stewart with a baby overnight!  Reality - I am lucky if I get one load of laundry completed in a day.  Forget about cleaning...and don't even think about my grand plans of reorganizing cupboards and closets.  And cooking?  Whatever.  It's baby 24-7. 

Perhaps the lesson is that I need to loosen my standards.  Don't be so concerned about how the place looks when company comes.  I used to stress so much about that.  Now I only want to make sure my baby is in a clean diaper, and if possible, I've had a shower!  How one's perspectives can change overnight!

Our son is getting bigger every day.  Now 6 weeks old, the nights are getting a little easier, and I am accomplishing a little bit more in my home.  And I need to start working on my physician assistant certification maintenance.  I still don't know what the Lord will have me doing a year from now.  Confession, yesterday I blew the dust off my bible while we watched Prestonwood on T.V. (thank you TIVO!).  How to stay spiritually has been another challenge.

I could go on, but every mother knows all this.  And for those who have not had children, it's not as easy as it seems.  How I underestimated those gals...maybe, just maybe, when Jonathan is 10 and if I'm am lucky enough to still be his stay-at-home mom, I'll have time for tennis and pedicure while he's at school!

How baby-centric our life has become.  And baby-wonderful!

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