Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fitness and Being 40-Something With a Baby

I have spent the last decade or two trying to stay "fit".  My method has included regular visits to the gym and walking with irregular tries at yoga and bootcamp, both of which I love to do.  But I've never been what you might call athletic.  Anyway, carrying your first babe over 40 does a few things to your bod that make you feel over 40.  Things even younger moms get like backaches and bellies are some how magnified.  Then caring for that babe as he grows does its own little number on that lower back and those joints.  I am getting my best shoulders ever doing baby presses - this is good.

A word for you 40-Something gals thinking of getting pregnant, start tuning up that bod now.  Work on that core and endurance as well as shoulders and buns.  A lot of lifting and bending are headed your way. 

I love being a 40-Something mommie.  I am also aware more than ever of my age, and I want to be strong and healthy for my son.

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